Why We Help

Picking the Right PEO now Saves you time and money!

Great rewards lie ahead with HR Outsourcing…but so do great dangers. If HR Outsourcing is unfamiliar territory to you, a mistake can cost you years of headaches and thousands of dollars. What parts of the business to outsource and who to do business with is critical to your decision. Our best in class professionals will do the work to help you find exactly the right PEO for you.

You may be a large company with worldwide offices, or an emerging growth company with one location. You may be a consumer business poised to expand, an industrial manufacturer trying to keep competitive advantage, an innovator ready to explode into the global market, or a company struggling to regain market share.

You may be an insurance agent tasked with choosing the right PEO to recommend to your client, but don’t have the time to research or the knowledge background to compare pricing and choose the right PEO or other service.

Whoever and wherever you are, if you’re about to outsource HR services, you’ll find great rewards on the other side, but in the gap between here and there really do lie major challenges. It’s not just the complicated and confusing work of sifting through the options….Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s), Administrative Service Outsourcing Organizations (ASO’s), Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO’s), …although that’s bad enough. It’s also the confusing combination of costs that can throw you for a loop and easily misguide you. A wrong turn may result in unnecessary worker’s compensation rates/costs, excessive unemployment rates/costs, higher benefit costs, or a host of other expenses you’re not even aware of. We’re here to make sure you to get to the other side with the right HR Outsourcing company and the right services at the right price.

In the turbulent waters of today’s business world, it’s more important than ever to keep your business nimble, flexible, and at the cutting edge of positive change. You need to know what dangers are ahead, where the stepping-stones are, and how to avoid or take advantage of them.

That’s where PEO Resources comes in.