Administrative Services Organizations (ASO)

Administrative Service Outsourcing compliments your HR department, helping them deliver world class HR services. These services can be customized to meet the needs of the client providing administration assistance to your present HR staff.

Administrative Services Organizations (ASO) – ASOs are the same as PEO’s except they do not have the “co-employment” relationship. Clients provide their own workers compensation and benefits plans. This gives your staff more time to focus on more critical long-term goals like employee development, morale, and company financial/growth goals. ASOs offer:

  • Payroll solutions and tax compliance services

  • Employee risk management services

  • Work comp and unemployment claims management

  • Benefits administration

  • Integration with insurance providers

  • Professional insurance and risk management services

  • 401k options, flexible spending accounts

As businesses grow, be sure that instances in which the human resources department will be stressed, pushed beyond its’ inherent capabilities, will arise. Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO) compliments your present, in-house human resources department by streamlining monotonous processes and access to technological advantages allowing your staff to focus on such factors as employee development, morale, and company goals.

Many ASO providers offer such services as access to a highly developed server based solution which will streamline paperwork and record keeping, employee management, payroll function simplification, benefits administration, and may additionally integrate with vendors such as insurance providers. Your ASO can also include professional insurance and risk management services, professional advisory services coming from years of industry experience, and Flexible Spending Account administration, as is needed by the client.

These Human Resources Information System (HRIS) solutions are hosted and maintained by the ASO provider, freeing the client from the responsibility of procuring and adapting to other, less efficient proprietary systems. These packaged solutions are very often less effective, more expensive, and are not customized to meet the unique needs of the client’s business and human resources requirements.

With an ASO provider, your Human Resources staff will function at increased levels of productivity, more easily achieving your goals without the persisting need to update and maintain records with inferior human resources products. This allows your staff to operate more efficiently and save you in HR related costs.