Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)

Human Resources Outsourcing allows your HR staff to focus on what is important, outsourcing the less critical tasks to the HRO provider. Free your HR staff to work toward your HR goals such as employee development and morale, and leave the grunt work behind.

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) – HROs cut costs and streamline human resources processes. With increased regulation and insurance price increases, more companies are looking to reduce overheads related to employees and employee HR management. Product offerings and solutions can be molded to fit specific needs. No “co-employment” relationship. HROs offer:

  • Singular platform integration of processes and records

  • Cutting edge HR management technology/training

  • Employee education and training

  • Recruiting services

  • Benefits administration

  • Payroll services

  • Risk management

Human Resources Outsourcing can cut costs and streamline human resources processes which is advantageous to a business of any size or age. At any level of complexity or number of employees, navigating human resources can be difficult. With increased regulation and greater offerings to employees, the HR component of any company, in any industry, can very quickly become unwieldy and inefficient without experienced guidance.

The benefits of outsourcing human resources are numerous and include:

  • Utilization of technology to allow for as much self-service as is required by the client

  • Reliable performance metrics

  • Scalability without the need for mass hiring

These benefits and more could give any medium to large business the competitive edge it needs to dominate a market by freeing capital and infrastructure investment for direct business development purposes, rather than internal bureaucratic matters and regulatory compliance.

An HRO provider can offer such services as employee education or training, recruiting, benefits administration, payroll, and risk management. These services, complimenting a company’s present HR staff, allow for greater productivity and efficiency by alleviating the need for wasted hours performing mundane tasks while cutting HR costs.

HRO can provide access to greater expertise in the HR field without the otherwise necessary cost of such experience and knowledge. These services can allow your business to provide world-class HR service to your employees without a world-class budget.