How We Help

Whatever your goals are, our best in class professionals will help find the very best match for your company or your client. We’ll do the painstaking analysis to help you align your needs, leverage your strengths, and reinvent your business. Because we are at arm’s length from PEO’s, we always analyze and make our recommendations based on what’s right for you, not on what’s right for the provider. We don’t partner you with just any PEO – we find the right one for you…One that matches your service and pricing requirements. We select only top-tier organizations with years of industry experience, financial stability, and service-focused reputations.

Whether you need outsourcing and management strategies for your own company or for your client, PEO Resources will help you find the best solutions while avoiding the hassles. PEO Resources is an essential part of your HR Outsourcing strategy.

Business owners: Outsourcing is a double-edged sword. On one hand it can substantially reduce costs and increase efficiency. But all PEOs are not created equal, and unless your expertise lies in analyzing and selecting a PEO that will mesh perfectly with your needs, outsourcing can become a nightmare of unnecessary costs, dissatisfied employees and poor service. At PEO Resources, we do the research for you that saves you from the hassle! We help you select only the most secure, solid companies from a pool of the top Human Resource Outsourcing companies in the world.

  • Save Money – We’ll help you save on Workers’ Compensation costs, benefit costs, unemployment costs/claims, employee liability insurance (EPLI) and other HR and Payroll related services.

  • Increase Safety – You’ll get the expertise and service selection to choose only what you need – no more and no less.

  • Save Time – We’ll save you the time and confusion of trying to match your needs with the right provider.

  • Better Selection – You’ll be able to offer your employees better Insurance benefits of all types and options. 401k options, too.

  • Best of Class Providers – We filter out the low-ball, get-your-business-now-service-you-later companies, leaving only the most qualified, financially capable, professional organizations for you to choose from.

Insurance Agents: Insurance is your business and you do it well. At PEO Resources, analyzing Professional Employer Organizations is our business and we do it well. Partnering with us will ensure you’ll find knowledgeable support and thoroughly investigated service comparisons that guarantee the right choices for you and your client. That type of professional support leads to competitive pricing, long-term satisfaction and client retention. You also get:

  • Complete Security – We don’t compete with you. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your clients.

  • More Selection – You’ll get both the options and the expertise to find the perfect PEO Company for your client.

  • Save Time – You’ll close more business with less effort. We’ll do the work for you…Research, evaluation, consideration, close.

  • Client retention – Increase your client retention by offering your client significantly greater options, more professional expertise, and more savings from qualified, service oriented companies. Learn more…