PEO Brokers & Agent Relationship

The PEO Resources-PEO Brokers team understands what it takes to get a deal done! We partner exclusively with quality driven, flexible, best in class companies that understand the need to move quickly. Excellent coordination, speed and a true commitment to be competitive result in the best options for your clients. We present solutions, that will help you and your clients’ succeed in the modern business climate of today, while helping you cut costs in preparation of tomorrows challenges. Focusing on quality, stable, reasonably priced provider choices over many of the confusingly priced, sometimes deceptive alternatives, we prefer to develop long-term strategies beneficial to all parties rather than short-term tactics that result in quick profits and eventual failure.

Working with PEO Resources-PEO Brokers to coordinate your clients Payroll Service and Human Resources Outsourcing will grant significant long-term advantage to both Agents/Brokers, as well as their respective clients. Consider the following benefits to the professional Agent/Broker:

  • We don’t compete with you! We work with you to find the best solution for your clients.

  • More options, better service and competitive pricing equals greater opportunities to earn fair, long-term commissions for the agent and broker. Unlike working with one PEO Company, PEO Resources-PEO Brokers gives you the opportunity to analyze more client beneficial options and get more business closed with less personal effort.

  • In addition to our other great HR Outsourcing or PEO offers, we get you access to very competitive “pay as you go” workers’ compensation solutions.

  • Increase your client retention by offering them only the best, most reliable and financially stable options.

  • Reduce your service workload by allowing PEO Resources-PEO Brokers to do most of the work for you

  • Fast track the underwriting process. PEO Resources- PEO Brokers is staffed with professionals experienced in the world of PEO, Payroll and other HR Outsourcing related solutions. As such, we can get business done without wasting our time, or yours.

The potential benefits for your clients are critical to compete in any business environment. These will vary dependent upon the nature of the Agent/Brokerage or clients’ circumstances: (may vary some with differing PEO offerings)

  • Save substantially on Workers’ Compensation costs/claims.

  • Save on Unemployment related costs/claims.

  • No deposits/No audits.

  • Complete HR and Payroll service and support.

  • Reduced labor costs.

  • Professional risk management.

  • Proactive claims coordination and management.

  • Better benefit offerings and options.

  • 1M or better EPLI coverage.

Clients can benefit greatly from our top-notch solutions delivered by PEO Resources – PEO Brokers or from you as an Agent or Broker. Companies meeting the following circumstances may find themselves in particular need of a (PEO) Professional Employer Organization or similar HR Outsourcing Service:

  • Companies with Work Comp “shock” losses or tough Work Comp classes.

  • Those with an escalating experience modifier.

  • Multi-state location or emerging growth companies.

  • Those with burdened or limited HR staff.

  • Companies looking to reduce multiple vendors.

  • Those with “out of control” health premiums from too many claims.

  • Those in the JUA who know there must be a better way.

There are certain resources we require from the Agent/Broker in order to facilitate realistic requests for quotes. Please take under advisement that the following are typically required for a multi-quote from our various professional PEO or other HR Outsourcing related services:

  • A clear, narrative description of the operations and web address.

  • Complete workers compensation accord applications or payroll by class code.

  • Current experience modifier worksheet.

  • 3 years of currently valued loss runs.