The Benefits of Employee Leasing with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Benefits of Employee Leasing or PEO model HR Outsourcing are:

  • Employee Leasing gets you access to experienced, trained professionals in HR Administration, benefits administration, payroll processing and risk management.

  • Employee Leasing gets you professional assistance with compliance related issues. (Payroll, EEOC and OSHA).

  • Employee Leasing gets you specialized reports and secure internet access to payroll, benefits and other personnel data.

  • Employee Leasing Provides you with access to professional HR guidance and HR Management training materials

  • Employee Leasing Companies Manage unemployment and workers’ compensation claims. Expert, proactive management reduces costs

  • Employee Leasing Companies provide you with standardized employee handbooks, policies, procedures, and practices, as well as the option for custom policies and procedures.

  • Experts can help you Improve claims related costs via cost management and management training.

  • Employee Leasing gets you access to an array of benefit options at competitive rates.

  • Employee Leasing can help you reduce turnover in multiple ways. Lower turnover means lower turnover costs…ie…training, unemployment claims and unfair firing claims.

  • Employee Leasing finds you more time to focus on your bottom line and direct employee communication.

  • Employee Leasing gets you EPLI insurance of 1 million dollars or better coverage to protect you from wrongful termination claims.

Employee Leasing (PEO) Benefits Your Employees by:

  • Providing them with access to comprehensive benefits, which may include many health insurance options, complete 401K choices, flexible spending plans and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

  • Delivering them on-time and accurate payroll.

  • Providing them with professional assistance and personal support on all employment related or work related HR issues.

  • Supplying them with standard Employee Leasing employee handbooks, policies, procedures and practices.

  • Offering them current information on Employee Leasing labor regulations, worker related rights and worksite safety.

  • Processing employee’s workers compensation claims efficiently and responsively. Follow up and case management is included, as well.

  • Enabling employees who move from one Employee Leasing (PEO) client to another. This helps them avoid loss of eligibility for benefits.

  • Providing them with improved online or Employee Leasing representative supported access to payroll information and benefits.

  • Some Employee Leasing Companies offer credit union membership and access to banking privileges.