Human Capital Development

Programs and Services include:

Hiring Resourcs focused on:

  • Background screening
  • Improved hiring practices
  • Pre-hire screening tools

Management Curriculum designed to:

  • Increasing employment law awareness
  • Enhance critical management skills
  • Utilize Human Resource (HR) Best Practices in addressing the application of workplace policies and procedures, workplace concerns and proper documentation techniques

Employee Curriculum used for:

  • Diversity education
  • Professional education
  • Sexual harassment awareness

Assessment tools providing benefits such as:

  • Conduct knowledge, skill and aptitude tests for selection planning
  • Gain insight and feedback on performance, skills deployment, career planning and advancement
  • Receive consultation with Best Practices to address strengths and areas targeted for improvement

Program development comprised of:

  • Utilization of online, on-demand training tools
  • Customized orientation and training solutions aligned with strategic business goals