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PEO Resources is a nationally focused Human Resource Outsourcing firm that provides professional services to companies that are motivated to reduce costs in payroll processing, workers compensation costs/claims, various employee benefits, human resource management, employee liability and other related HR Outsourcing overheads. HR Outsourcing options include:


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Business owners: Are you thinking about Human Resource Outsourcing? - It doesn't matter whether your company makes a product or provides a service; the next step in cost savings and streamlining your business is to outsource HR. You realize the benefits - that's why you're here - but who do you go to for help? Can you expect truthful answers from a company trying to sell you its services? Do you even know what questions to ask? Can you easily compare multiple service costs in the combined rates proposed from one provider to another? Partner with us and let our dedicated professionals analyze which PEO or other HR Outsourcing Service is a perfect price/service fit for you and your company.

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Insurance Agents: Helping your client find the right PEO is a responsibility that can't be taken lightly. You are aware of the complications involved in finding the right PEO provider, so you know you need help. We can help you and your client find the right HR Outsourcing solution. We know the players, the options, the benefits and the potential pitfalls. Partner with us and you'll get the benefit of knowledgeable, focused negotiation support and long-term strategies to help your client get exactly what they need. You'll get service that guarantees client satisfaction and retention.

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No matter who you are - if you need an HR Outsourcing strategy, PEO Resources is a crucial resource for you and your business